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Congregation History

In the beginning...

The congregation began before Edgwood was even a part of the City of Wheeling. In September, 1912, a Sunday School was organized in the small town of Edgwood as a result of efforts by Miss Adeline Lowry, who lived on Edgington Lane and was a member of First English Lutheran Church in Wheeling. With the continued support of First English, Edgwood Evangelical Lutheran Church was established as a separate congregation on August 17, 1913. The first pastor was the Rev. Ralph A. Harshman, who held services on the second floor of the Edgwood Town Hall, on the southeast corner of the intersection of National Road and Edgington Lane, until the present building was completed and dedicated on Pentecost Sunday, May 19, 1918. Major interior renovations were completed in 1966, and a 1987 building program was responsible for significant modifications to the exterior of the building.

The Pastors

Pr. Harshman   Rev. Ralph A. Harshman, 1913-1922

Pr. Portz   Rev. Clarence A. Portz, 1923-1939

Rev. E. O. Graham (Supply Pastor), 1939-1941

Pr. Boyer   Rev. Merle W. Boyer, 1941-1943

Pr. Meyer   Rev. Roy J. Meyer, 1943-1958

Pr. Evelan   Rev. R. Ray Evelan, 1958-1959

Pr. Leister   Rev. Elwood H. Leister, 1960-1970

Pr. Black   Rev. L. Alex Black, 1971-1987

Pr. Ellison   Rev. James M. Ellison, 1988-1996

Pr. Wagner   Rev. Robert R. Wagner, 1996-2002